What We Do

We design and deliver tailored power solutions

We understand that every project is unique and we work closely with you to provide an optimum solution.

our approach and service models Our flexible approach means we are free from energy type restraints, enabling us to deliver the optimum power solution to clients.

We are an industry leader in our technical knowledge and capability to provide tailored solutions.

Our team’s extensive expertise and experience in designing power generation solutions, create specific control systems enabling us to integrate different fuel sources into hybrid solutions.

Using our proprietary techno-economic modelling software, we develop innovative, custom-built power solutions, tailored to our clients’ specific location, load profile and site conditions.

Our energy source options include a variety of renewable and thermal sources, plus hybrid systems comprising a varied combination of these.

Our service model Our Build – Own – Operate (BOO) service model allows clients to deploy their capital more effectively within their business.

Our service model Urban microgrids offer an innovative and cost-effective power solution.

Urban microgrids offer an innovative and cost-effective solution to the high cost of extending mains grid infrastructure, providing a safe, local, and reliable source of power, and in many cases a source of renewable to users connected via an embedded or small local network.

In some instances, microgrids may be established to minimise the need for upfront and/or better phasing of capital expenditure

Where remote locations do not have access to adequate traditional power infrastructure, microgrids can be deployed and local power delivered to almost any remote customer.

Our solutions We evaluate all energy sources to provide the most efficient power solution.

Our alternative energy source options include a variety of renewables and thermals, which are primarily used in hybrid systems with a battery energy storage system component.

our solutions Zenith Energy specialises in tailored remote off-grid power generation and urban microgrids

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Network Infrastructure
Solar PV

Barrow Island


Capacity: 21 MW
View Case Studies

Halls Creek


Capacity: 7.5 MW
View Case Studies

King of The Hills

Red 5

Capacity: 31 MW
View Case Studies

Kundana Mine

Evolution Mining Ltd

Capacity: 16.3 MW
View Case Studies

Mt Morgans

Dacian Gold

Capacity: 19.8 MW
View Case Studies



Capacity: 35 MW
View Case Studies


Superior Gold

Capacity: 43.8 MW
View Case Studies


Newmont Mining Services

Capacity: 101.5 MW
View Case Studies



Capacity: 23 MW
View Case Studies



Capacity: 46.6 MW
View Case Studies


Nambeelup Kaadajan

Capacity: 3.7 MW
View Case Studies

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