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Urban microgrids offer an innovative and cost-effective power solution.

Microgrids What is an urban microgrid?

Urban microgrids offer an innovative and cost-effective solution to the high cost of extending mains grid infrastructure, providing a local, reliable source of power generation. In some instances, microgrids may be established to minimise the need for upfront capital expenditure.

Where remote locations do not have access to adequate traditional power infrastructure, microgrids can be deployed and local power delivered to almost any remote customer.

Unlocking possibilities Urban microgrids have been used in Australia and around the world

Urban microgrids offer the potential for secure power generation to be offered to locations and communities where this may not have been possible in the past.

As part of a broader transition movement in Australia, modular distributed energy systems (as opposed to centralised power generation and distribution that requires long transmission lines) are becoming more desirable. Given Zenith Energy’s extensive expertise in hybrid behind the meter generation and distribution, urban microgrids also offer the ability to leverage the company’s knowledge of islanded generation infrastructure.

Microgrid benefits Urban microgrids offer many advantages:

Increased reliability and security of supply
Reduce capital investment in larger-scale power generation and distribution infrastructure
Greenfield microgrid developments have greater scope to incorporate and increase the content of renewables
Potential for safe, reliable and secure power to be offered to remote locations and communities