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Welcome to our “Employee Spotlight” where we turn the spotlight on the incredible individuals who make up the heart and soul of our team here at Zenith. Get to know the faces behind the success of our company and discover the unique talents, passions, and stories that drive our collective achievements.  

Scarlett – Undergraduate Electrical Engineer

What were the most valuable skills you gained during your undergraduate employment?

I think one of the most important skills I learnt was how to read lots of different types of electrical drawings (incl. single line, schematic, termination and wiring diagrams). I came into this role without knowing how to read or understand them and now leaving this job I can not only just read and understand them, but I have also been able to use them to perform other tasks. This is something that isn’t taught at university but is so valuable to any electrical engineering job that I will do in the future.

In what ways did the experience align with or differ from your initial expectations?

As I expected this was quite different to other internships that I have done as it was less structured. This turned out to be a benefit as it meant that I could focus on the tasks I was working on, learn a lot and know what it would be like to work here if I was working here full time.

Something that I wasn’t expecting was the lack of formal processes for a lot of the typical engineering tasks done. This was very different to my last company that I interned for as you couldn’t do much without going through formal avenues. This was really awesome to see at Zenith as processes could be easily updated or changed whenever they needed to be improved. It was a bit challenging to begin with but ended up being really good.

Did the experience help you clarify your career goals or interests? If so, how?

It definitely made me realise what types of things I want to look for in an employing company. I really like how Zenith is always looking for different opportunities to invest in and try out. It is very exciting to see a company continuously growing and changing with what the world needs. A lot of companies have a lot of environmental goal and objectives but I loved being in a company that actively does what’s best for the environment. I would love to end up in a career that is constantly changing and growing so that it stays different and exciting.

This job has also helped me to understand which things at university are relevant to know and what things I want to try and learn more about at uni in the future. I would love to learn more about renewables and the challenges that have to be faced in order to use them efficiently – something that I have started learning more about during my time at Zenith.

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