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Tailored Power Solutions Our Build – Own – Operate (BOO) service model allows clients to deploy their capital more effectively within their business.

BOO contracts are a cost-effective solution, providing reliable, state-of-the-art power for the life of the project. Benefits include lowest levelized cost of power, flexibility of energy sources, and around the clock support from experts in power station management and operation.

Tailored Power Solutions Zenith is a provider of urban microgrids

Urban microgrids offer an innovative and cost-effective solution to the high cost of extending mains grid infrastructure, providing a safe, local and reliable source of power, and in many cases a source of renewable energy to users connected via an embedded or small local network.

In some instances, microgrids may be established to minimise the need for upfront and/or better phasing of capital expenditure.

Where remote locations do not have access to adequate traditional power infrastructure, microgrids can be deployed and local power delivered to almost any remote customer.

Tailored Power Solutions We evaluate all energy alternatives to provide the most efficient power solution.

Zenith integrates a range of energy sources to deliver reliable, sustainable and low-cost sustainable power to remote sites throughout Australia.

These include solar PV, wind, BESS, natural gas, and LNG.

Who we are Zenith Energy is creating an innovative and reliable renewable energy future, today. We specialise in bespoke off-grid power generation and urban microgrids, with a focus on renewable energy generation.

We integrate a complete range of thermal, hybrid and sustainable energy, together with innovative technologies, to deliver greener, cost-effective and reliable solutions for clients.

We have an established presence across Australia, providing remote power generation solutions to major projects in the region.

89 MW

Solar PV

102 MW


77 MW


111 MW


330 MW


710 MW

Total Contracted Capacity

We are on our way to Net Zero Our commitment to eventual 100% renewable power generation

Zenith Energy has publicly announced 2035 as the target for hitting Net Zero, and we are confident it presents the right balance of ambition and ability. Zenith is taking responsibility for the ethical impact and sustainability of its power generation, enabling clients to take important steps forward in the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) space.

There will continue to be significant milestones on our journey, and we are actively working with like-minded companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop industry solutions. This includes increasing renewable penetration among legacy clients, and being an active participant in the piloting of new technologies.

white paper How Zenith Energy is embracing technological advancements and innovative thinking to reduce emissions for its clients.

The mining industry is currently transitioning away from traditional diesel and natural gas/LNG as sources of fuel and is instead developing renewable and alternative energy solutions. Driven by global Government commitments and more ambitious targets set by other business, there has been recent significant investment in electrification, process improvements, and hybrid energy systems among others, as the industry works to develop long term decarbonisation solutions. Zenith is actively committed to achieving Net Zero power generation for its clients by 2035, acknowledging the various technological advancements that will need to occur to meet this target.

white paper Renewable Energy Projects and the Importance of Cybersecurity

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our solutions Zenith Energy specialises in tailored remote off-grid power generation and urban microgrids

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Network Infrastructure
Solar PV

Barrow Island


Capacity: 21 MW
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Halls Creek


Capacity: 7.5 MW
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King of The Hills

Red 5

Capacity: 31 MW
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Kundana Mine

Evolution Mining Ltd

Capacity: 16.3 MW
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Mt Morgans

Dacian Gold

Capacity: 19.8 MW
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Capacity: 35 MW
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Superior Gold

Capacity: 43.8 MW
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Newmont Mining Services

Capacity: 101.5 MW
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Capacity: 23 MW
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Capacity: 46.6 MW
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Nambeelup Kaadajan

Capacity: 3.7 MW
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We have the experience and pragmatic mindset to work across all energy sources utilising industry leading technology for our clients’ individual needs.

Doug Walker, Executive Chairman Zenith Energy